Georgia Mountains Drive to Suches, Trahlyta’s Grave

Georgia Mountains Drive to Suches, Trahlyta’s Grave

Posted: August 24, 2016 at 03:33PM

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This drive begins along US 19/129, then turns west on Georgia 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Road), to the mountain community of Suches, before returning via GA 60 to US 19, passingTrahlyta’s Grave, a pile of stones in the middle of the highway.

Music Info:

Artist: Von

Titles May Include:
Von Clear, Von Blow, Von So Happy Remix, Von Gate 05, Von Close Your Eyes, Good Feeling Von, Von U-Turn, Von Panorama, Von Achterbahn Sesion

You’ll find the track title at the end of the video.

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Yes, I do have written permission from Von to use his music.

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