Dashcam Colorado 159, 142, US 285 to Antonito

Dashcam Colorado 159, 142, US 285 to Antonito

Posted: August 24, 2016 at 04:21PM

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This drive begins at the Colorado/New Mexico state line on CO 158, then turns west on County Road P, which turns into CO 142. After passing through Manassa, 142 ends at US 285, and Antonito is just a few miles away, to the south.

Music Info:

Artist: Von

Titles May Include:
Von Clear, Von Blow, Von So Happy Remix, Von Gate 05, Von Close Your Eyes, Good Feeling Von, Von U-Turn, Von Panorama, Von Achterbahn Sesion

You’ll find the track title at the end of the video.

Check out Von’s music on Soundcloud: http://ift.tt/18kp9uW

Yes, I do have written permission from Von to use his music.

View this video on Youtube here: http://youtu.be/3XB-m__1Q68

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