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There are more than a thousand Drivelapse videos from dozens of states for you to check out on MyDrivelapse.com.  Occasionally, though, I get a few questions about how I made these videos.  If you can’t find the answer here, you can always contact me!

Why are some of the videos facing the rear?

A few years ago, I added a second camera to my setup, pointing it to the rear.  It’s a little weird to watch videos from that perspective, but there are a few good reasons for it.  For one, it lets you see the scenery in a different direction, which can be totally different than what’s ahead.  Also, if I drive through rain or a bug storm, the rear-facing lens stays clear, while the front-facing camera gets messy.

I play the videos in reverse because I decided it’s easier to watch that way.

Why is it so fast? It’s too fast for me.

Good news!  Youtube lets you change the playback speed of your video.  Look for the gear-shaped icon at the bottom of the video player, then select a playback speed of .5 — it will make the video less smooth, but it will give you more time to see everything along the way.

A lot of people believe they’d prefer a video shot in real-time, but believe me, those videos get very boring, very quickly.  Real time feels really slow when you watch it in a video.

Also, my current camera setup records in time-lapse, so I don’t have the option of slowing it down once it’s shot.  It’s a trade-off that allows me to shoot an entire day of driving while generating a manageable volume of video files.

What happened to the music I loved?

Music that’s available for use on Youtube videos comes and goes.  I might have access to it for a while, and then it goes away and I have to choose something else.  There are copyright issues and royalties that have to be dealt with.  I’d love to make every driving video a kick-butt music video, but my focus is on the driving.  You can always play your favorite tunes in a separate browser window, and mute the music from the Drivelapse video.

What kind of cameras do you use?

Currently I use Brinno TLC-200 Pro cameras, specifically made for shooting time-lapse.  They’re powered by rechargeable AA batteries that last all day.  Because I don’t need an external power source, I can mount the cameras on the roof of my car.  The higher angle produces a much better product that’s free of distractions like the dashboard and wipers.  The cameras are mounted inside homemade cases, mounted with magnets and secured with steel cables and locks.  I’ve never had anyone try to steal one.

You can read my Brinno TLC-200 Pro review here, and check out how I developed this system here.

Can I steal your video?

I’d really rather you not.  While the music on these videos comes from various sources, I own the copyright on the video portion.  If you’d like to use it in a commercial project, I’d be very happy to sell you the rights to use a clip. If you’re working on a church or school project, I’m very happy to grant you permission to use it with credit, but please contact me first.

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