US Highway 89 through Wyoming, (almost) all of it – Dashcam Drive

This is a long one, but I hope you enjoy it. It’s the entire drive northbound on US Highway 89 through Wyoming. And this is one extraordinary road. US 89 enters from Idaho near Montpelier, Idaho and heads north, through Afton, then Jackson Hole and the town of Jackson, then through Grand Teton National Park, the Rockefeller Parkway, and finally, Yellowstone National Park.

You’ll find Afton at 06:30, Jackson around 23:00, the entrance to Yellowstone at 39:10, Yellowstone Lake at 48:00, Tower Fall at 01:04:30, and Mammoth at 01:13:30.

Here’s where the (almost) part comes in. While driving through Yellowstone, I chose the eastern side of the park, while maps tend to show US 89 following the roads on the western side of the park. Technically, though, all of the roads in Yellowstone are not numbered federal highways. So, you could argue that this video does show you all of US 89. Either way, it meets up with US 89 at northern park entrance at Gardiner, Montana.

I made this trip in August-September 2019.

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US Highway 89 through Wyoming, (almost) all of it – Dashcam Drive

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