I-5 to Crater Lake, Part 3: Oregon Route 62 to South Entrance

I-5 to Crater Lake, Part 3: Oregon Route 62 to South Entrance

Posted: August 22, 2016 at 03:03PM

This drive finishes up the three-part series of videos, taking you from I-5 at Roseburg to the south entrance of Crater Lake National Park. This drive starts at Trail, Oregon, at the junction of 62 and 227, and follows 62 northeast to the south entrance of the park.

Yes, it would have been quicker to drive from Roseburg to the North Entrance, but it was closed due to a wildfire. You’ll notice the smoke (and some roadblocks) along the way.

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I made this trip in August, 2015. Video shot with a Brinno TLC-200 Pro time-lapse camera, mounted on my roof with a homemade magnetic case.

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