Across the Nevada Desert: Tonopah to Hawthorne on US 95

Here’s a look at the drive on US Highway 95, northbound from Tonopah to Hawthorne, Nevada. What I love about this drive is when you leave Tonopah, there’s a billboard for the McDonald’s in Hawthorne, proclaiming it’s “Just Ahead!”. But “Just Ahead” actually means 100 miles — totally worth it, though, for a McFlurry. and provide driving videos and stories to help you plan your trip. Check out hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel. Subscribe if you like it! Dozens of new videos are on the way in the coming weeks.

I made this trip in June 2018. Video shot with a Brinno TLC-200 Pro time-lapse camera mounted on my roof with a homemade magnetic case. I travel with two Brinno cameras – one facing forward, the other in reverse. Sometimes the reverse camera captures better video (fewer raindrops and bugs hit the rear-view lens).

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Across the Nevada Desert: Tonopah to Hawthorne on US 95

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