A Drive Out The Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier over Tampa Bay

A Drive Out The Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier over Tampa Bay

Posted: August 24, 2016 at 03:16PM

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This quick drive takes you across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, then out to the end of the South Fishing Pier. This pier used to be the southern approach to the old Skyway Bridge, which was replaced after a tragic accident in 1980, when a ship struck one span of the old bridge, causing it to collapse. The north and south approaches remain, as fishing piers, and for a small fee you can drive out to the end and enjoy some spectacular views.

Video was shot in August, 2015 by my roof-mounted Brinno TLC-200 Pro Time-lapse camera. My review of the camera: http://bit.ly/1TKMzCi

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