A Drive Around Tampa International Airport: Florida Dashcam Drive in 4k

Here it is, my first attempt at a 4K video. I’ve been working on a new camera mount and testing some 4K shots for a while now. I know the scenery isn’t as spectacular in this video as in many of the others, but I really just took this drive to test out the equipment.

For those who are curious, I’m using a Yi 4K camera, shooting at 30fps. It’s mounted on a rooftop rack, along with my older Brinno time-lapse camera – so if the new camera fails, at least I’ll have a time-lapse backup.

Let me know what you think. Does this speed work for you? Would you like to see it a little faster, or even slower than this?

The drive takes you into, around, and out of Tampa International Airport. I even took a lap through the short-term parking for you! You’ll notice lots of construction at TIA (which is what the locals call it, everyone else calls it TPA). They’re making America’s most loved airport even nicer.

The video finishes with a drive up Memorial Highway into the Town ‘n’ Country area of Hillsborough County, just outside of Tampa.

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A Drive Around Tampa International Airport: Florida Dashcam Drive in 4k

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